A crazy mixed-up day : Thirty brainteasers“ is one of the almost ninety broadcasts for chidren that Walter Benjamin, one of the most influential of 20th-century thinkers, wrote and delivered over German radio from 1927 to early 1933.
After the original edition in Portuguese, illustrated by Monteiro, it has now travelled to Poland and South Korea. Find more about this book here.

Once upon a time a stranger arrives at a place where the king and his people lived in great peace. He doesn’t look like them. In fact, this stranger is so big and the people so small, that neither can communicate and the uneasiness and hatred that the most harmless of outsiders can engender start a well known chain of events : guards, clueless politicians, the threat of military force. “The Stranger”, again relevant today, is a small story filled with big themes that celebrates in a hopeful way the victory of acceptation and empathy over ignorance and prejudice.