Já não falta tudo para partilhar convosco o primeiro livro da colecção juvenil da Bruaá, que não podia começar de melhor forma. Até breve.

A singularly funny book, from a singularly writer, where every page starts with the word “Supposing”, sending us into a wide-range of scenarios filled with impossibility and sillyness. We all know that there are lots of things we’re not supposed to do. Of course. But can we help ourselves not to think about them? Here’s a collection of the most eccentric possibilities that will surely springboard every reader’s imagination: “Supposing I could be any size I wanted to be…” ; “Supposing I collected old hair from a barber shop and sent it in parcels to people I didn’t like…” ; “Supposing a funny old fortune teller told me I was going on a journey and just to bamboozle her I stayed home for the rest of my life…”.
Supposing you read “Supposing… and you laugh so hard that you can’t stop for the rest of your life.