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1 city, 16 cards, 20 billions 922 thousand million 789 million and 888 thousand panoramics.


Endless Landscape, or Myriorama, as it is also known, is a game invented in 1823 by frenchman Jean-Pierre Brès. In order to play it, you must put the 16 cards side by side and, regardless of their order, they will always combine themselves to create a harmonious landscape. There are billions of possible variations, billions of ways of looking at the city of Lisbon. Also available Porto’s endless landscape



Bruaá + João Fazenda


Box: 77X178mm, Cards: 75X175mm


With a degree in Painting from the Lisbon School of Fine-Arts, João Fazenda has explored other artistic fields such as animated film and comics, both of which influence his work as an illustrator, which is always inspired by the narrative vocation of images and by the dynamism of forms and outlines. Since 1999 he has produced a huge amount of illustration work for the press, and has on several occasions been singled out for Awards of Excellence from the Society of Newspaper Design. In 2007, he was the winner of the Stuart Press Design Grand Prize. He has won comic book awards, and also an award for the Best Portuguese Graphic Novel of 2001 at the Amadora International Comics Festival: Tu és Mulher da Minha Vida, Ela a Mulher dos Meus Sonhos [You’re the Woman of my Life, She’s the Woman of my Dreams], with text by Pedro Brito. In 2016 he wins the National Prize of Illustration. He has taken part in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Portugal, Spain, France, Corsica, Switzerland and Italy. He currently divides his time between Lisbon and London.